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At Coldwell Banker Commercial Preferred Real Estate, our real estate team is dedicated to serving the needs of businesses of all sizes. We help clients find the right commercial property for their company by offering investment and leasing opportunities in a wide range of properties.

Our team of commercial real estate experts will help you find the perfect property to suit your company’s needs. We offer investment and leasing opportunities in a variety of property types, including office, industrial, vacant land, retail/business and multi-family properties.

Investing in real estate can be a way to earn passive income and increase your wealth. Some investors choose to start out with residential property, but others choose to move into commercial real estate for even greater returns.

Commercial real estate is an investment that requires a great deal of work. The process is slow and requires you to put down a lot of money upfront, especially when you are beginning your career in the business world. However, you can reduce risk by working with our experienced agents to ensure that your investments meet your real estate financial goals over time.

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Types of commercial real estates

Industrial: Industrial commercial real estate properties include warehouses, factories, shipping facilities, office space and data warehouses.

Retail/business: Includes shopping malls and other retail spaces, as well as restaurants, supermarkets and other food-related businesses

Land: Most people think of land as the place where they live, but it can also be a type of commercial real estate. If you purchase land with the intention of renting it out or otherwise using it to make money, then it is considered commercial real estate. Large farms fall under this category, especially if you don’t plan on living there.

Multifamily: Multi-family properties—including condos, apartment buildings, and any buildings with five or more units—are not considered residential. They’re considered commercial because they are rented out for profit.